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Plumbing Repairs in London, ON

When it comes to plumbing, certain repairs show up all the time. Things like leaky faucet repairs, main water line replacements, low water pressure repairs, or sediment build up in your pipes are all common issues.
Let us help you with your general plumbing repairs.

Plumbing Fixture Installation in London, ON

Whether you’ve decided to replace your household plumbing fixtures because they’re damaged, because they’re inefficient with water, or because they’re just plain ugly, Triton Plumbing + Service can help. We’ll get your old plumbing fixtures removed and replaced with new, more efficient ones.

Plumbing Contractor in London, ON

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, Triton Plumbing + Service has you covered. By partnering with interior design companies that hold the same level of care that we do, you can be sure you’ll have the best looking kitchen or bathroom in London.

Contact Triton Plumbing + Service today to solve your plumbing woes and keep your pipes running smoothly

If you’re looking to find experienced, licensed, reliable London Ontario plumbing company who will get the job done right the first time, look no further.

Our highly trained, licensed, and bonded plumbers are well versed in all angles of plumbing, both in residential and commercial environments.

From the smallest clogged drain to the largest plumbing renovation, Triton Plumbing + Service will be there for you with prompt, professional service. We serve London Ontario and the surrounding area.

About Triton Plumbing + Service

Triton Plumbing + Service founded by Aron Oretan, a London Ontario licensed plumber with over a decade of plumbing experience.

After teaching plumbing at Fanshawe College, Aron founded Triton Plumbing + Service with one purpose in mind – high-quality service.

Reliable Plumbing Services in London

You’ve probably noticed soon-to-be-blocked drains in your bathroom or sink but haven’t taken any action yet. Cleaning drains is no easy task and going down the DIY route can create more problems with a big bill waiting at the finish line. If you’re looking to find experienced, licenced and reliable plumbers in London, Ontario who will get the job done right the first time, look no further than Triton Plumbing + Service.

Take a minute to think about the things that go down your drains every single day: Food particles when you clean the dishes, soap, hair and bath gel when you take a shower and detergent when your washing machine does your laundry. If you don’t get your drains cleaned out regularly by calling our bathroom plumbing service, the buildup of dirt and debris can wreak havoc on your pipes. That’s where our expert plumbers come in to help!

Our team of highly trained, licenced and bonded plumbers are well versed in all angles of plumbing, both in residential and commercial environments.

From the smallest clogged drain to the largest plumbing renovation, Triton Plumbing + Service will be there for you with prompt, professional service. We serve London, Ontario and the surrounding area. Googling ‘plumbing services near me’ can help you contact our local plumbing experts.

Costs of Residential Plumbing Services Near You

Most people avoid calling professional drain plumbing services due to the costs involved. However, our nominal costs pale in comparison to what you’d pay if your drain was clogged further along the pipe and under the ground, for example.

A small leak may be an annoyance, but a major leak can be a stressful and costly nightmare. Clogs lead to leaks and if left unresolved, they can result in major costs and inconvenience.

It’s not worth it to risk extensive damage to your home and grounds, nor is it worth it to put your health at risk. Contact Triton Plumbing services in London, Ontario for inspection, drain cleaning, toilet installations and more. We’re here to take care of all of your plumbing needs!

Our London Plumbers Also Offer:

Drain Cleaning in London, ON

Your drains work hard for you, keeping your home plumbing flowing smoothly. But when they become clogged, they can throw off your day in ways you don’t expect. Don’t worry – Triton Plumbing + Service is here to clean your drains and get your life back to normal.

Air Conditioning Repair in London, ON

In the summer months, most of us welcome the warmth over the ice-cold winter we just faced. But when the heat hits its peak, we could use some relief. Call Triton to get a new air conditioning unit installed, or to repair your existing one. We’ll keep you nice and cool.

Water Treatment

Do you hate the taste of tap water? Want to keep your family the healthiest they can be? Do you want to make sure your clothes make it through more wash cycles, and your pipes last longer? If so, a water treatment solution is just what you need. Triton Plumbing + Service has you covered.

When you work with Triton, you’ll get a licensed, experienced plumber who:

  • Shows up on time
  • Has a friendly, helpful attitude
  • Keeps the place clean and tidy
  • Offers competitive rates
  • Does the job right the first time
  • Upfront transparent pricing

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We service the following areas

Triton offers plumbing services to London, Ontario, as well as the surrounding communities:

Mt. Brydges, Delaware, Komoka, Kilworth, Muncey, Talbotville, St. Thomas, Aylmer, Thamesford, Ingersoll, Tillsonburg, Beachville, Thorndale, Nilestown, Harrietsville, Ilderton, Lobo, Poplar Hill, Strathroy, Ailsa Craig, Lucan, Arva.

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