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DO NOT Flush Baby Wipes Down The Drain…EVER

By January 2, 2019 December 16th, 2019 Blog

Why it's bad to flush baby wipes down the drain | Triton Plumbing Service London Ontario Plumber

So you’ve decided to bring a new addition into your family.

Or maybe you just find having baby-wipes on hand convenient for cleaning small messes, or sticky fingers (even if those sticky fingers belong to a 30-year-old and not a 3-year-old).

Being a new parent (or resourceful millennial), there’s a lot to think about, and to make things easier you may decide to buy “flushable” wipes.

Stop right there.

You’re making things harder for yourself in the long run.

Take it from a London Ontario drain cleaning professional, just because something says “flushable” doesn’t mean you should flush it.

You could be asking for more trouble than that $5 tub of wipes is worth.

Keep reading to find out why.

These Things Are NOT Flushable

Although often labelled as such, you should think twice before disposing of these wipes by flushing them down the toilet.

They are labelled this way because technically they will fit through your pipes, however they can also accumulate and cause clogs in your pipes.

Best to toss them directly into the garbage bin instead of risk a backed-up pipe later on.

Let’s plunge into this a little bit more.

1. They Are Non-Woven

Disposable wipes are non-woven.

This means in order to make them thin, yet strong they are manufactured by pressing together a combination of natural and synthetic fibres, including rayon, cotton, and plastic resins.

This is the same type of material used in dryer sheets and diapers, however most people wouldn’t think of flushing either of those – would you?

DO NOT Flush Baby Wipes Down The Drain...EVER | Triton Plumbing Service London Ontario Plumber

2. They Aren’t Biodegradable

I just mentioned that these wipes are made from materials such as rayon and plastic resins.

These materials are not biodegradable, and will take a long time to break down – if at all.

In fact some of the materials in these may also be used in plastic bags or bottles.

Not only is this bad for your pipes, it’s bad for the environment, if they make it through the pipes in the first place.

Regular toilet paper on the other hand will start to break down the second it hits the water.

Save your budget from unexpected expenses, and save the planet by tossing these in the trash – or better yet, find a biodegradable alternative.

3. They Attract Other Waste

Most toilet drain pipes are only 4 inches thick.

If a wipe gets stuck in the pipe, it can trap other solid waste, such as grease inside the pipe, leading to the formation of a solid mass which will lead to clogs.

It doesn’t take long for that one wipe then to turn into a much larger problem, which may prove very expensive to fix.

Better avoid this issue in the first place.

4. They Can Cause Thousands Of Dollars In Damage

A clogged toilet drain can cause pipes to back-up throughout your home.

This can also result in damage to your septic system.

Sometimes these clogs are too much for your plunger to handle, and will result in a need for a professional plumber to be called in.

The need for these costly repairs can easily be avoided by throwing wipes in the trash bin to begin with.

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