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Don’t Ignore These 5 Plumbing Repair Warning Signs

By October 9, 2018 December 16th, 2019 Blog

Don't Ignore These 5 Plumbing Repair Warning Signs | Triton Plumbing Service London Ontario Plumber

The plumbing in your house is like a cardiovascular system, pumping water around to all the extremities, ensuring that every part gets the resources it needs.

Similarly, when things start to go wrong, it can mean there is a larger problem lurking on the horizon, and a checkup with your doctor/plumber is needed to see what the prognosis is and what the ‘life-saving’ treatment should be.

Keep an eye out for these repair warning signs and call us in right away so we can diagnose your problem and patch you up quickly.

1. Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are telltale predictors of issues that could pop up anytime, so a good idea is to pay attention to your pipes, including the ones under sinks and in the basement.

Check for moisture on the pipes, dripping, or small puddles.

Also keep an ear out while you’re using them – if you hear rattling or banging when the water is shut off, it usually means something is loose or unsupported, and could lose integrity suddenly.

2. Poor Drainage

Pay attention to the rate at which water drains from sinks, tubs and showers.

If the drain starts to slow, or you find it slower than at a neighbour’s house, it may indicate a serious blockage problem that you’ll want to take care of before it causes a backup into your home.

If it’s only one drain, you may be able to handle the extraction yourself, but if it seems to span many different fixtures, you’ll probably want to call in some professional help.

Repair warning signs you should be aware of | Triton Plumbing Service London Ontario Plumber

3. Slow Water Flow

Slow water flow will need some diagnosis, as well.

Check all the faucets to see which ones are affected; if it’s only one, you probably only need to replace or clean out the aerator.

If there’s more than one affected by this issue, it could be the pressure-reducing valve or the main water shut-off valve.

When water pressure is too high, it can damage pipes and fixtures, so your next step is to see if either of these is partially closed – if so, ensure it gets fully opened.

4. Higher Than Normal Water Bills

High water bills that have no explanation are a sure sign that you’ve got an issue you don’t yet know about.

High water bills reflect water that continues to run even when it’s supposed to be shut off, so when you go investigate, look for things like taps that drip all the time or pipes and water tanks that are leaking water.

5. Strange Colours Or Smells

Seeing discoloured water is usually due to rust either in your pipes or in your water tank.

With the water heater, you’ll most definitely want to have it looked at – either the tank or the anode rods might need replacing.

As for the pipes, you may want to consider replacing them with newer ABS pipes that won’t be as susceptible to corrosion, including rust.

Smells, especially ‘rotten egg’ smells – from a drain or around a toilet – often indicate mold or bacteria, and could be a sign of a bigger sewer issue.

Contact Triton Plumbing & Service

While you may be able to diagnose the symptom yourself, for most of these, a professional will be needed to resolve the underlying issue before it becomes a problem requiring urgent intervention.

In case of emergency, Triton Plumbing & Service is available 24/7.

However, if you see any of these red flags, call us right away and we’ll take treat your plumbing system before the collateral issues start arising.

Call us now to book your check-up and experience for yourself how our bedside manner keeps us a leader in plumbing health.

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