Kitchen Renovation

Modern kitchens are quite a bit different than they were 40, 30, or even 20 years ago.

And at first, this may seem surprising. After all, how much have things really advanced in the world of plumbing?

But there are many different reasons why you may want a kitchen renovation.

Let’s take, for example, that old fridge of yours. Modern fridges are far more energy efficient, which means you can save money on your power bill each month. You may also want to upgrade to a fridge that can dispense filtered water or ice.

And how about that tiny, shallow, dated sink? Wouldn’t it be nicer to have a deeper, more functional one?

You may have also seen a pot filler faucet, a faucet mounted beside your stove designed to fill your pots to boil water quickly.

But what if there’s more? What if you want a fresh set of tiles on the floor, a heating system to go underneath them, or new kitchen cabinets?

What if you want to take out your entire kitchen and start fresh?
Or what if you’re splitting your home into a duplex, and need to build an entire new kitchen from scratch?

Don’t worry.

Triton Plumbing + Service has you covered.

Full Kitchen Renovation Services

Here at Triton, we’ve partnered with some of the top rated interior design firms in the city. This means you’ll get the quality of service people have come to expect from Triton, not just some plumber who fancies himself a decorator too.

Your Triton contact will serve as your project manager, which means you’ll have to deal with only one primary point of contact throughout the process. This keeps things streamlined and simple, avoiding the frustration of playing a game of broken telephone.

In the end, you’ll be able to enjoy a clean, beautiful, functional kitchen designed specifically to suit your needs.

The Triton Difference

We’ll act as plumbers, but also as project managers, which means when it comes to keeping things organized, you’ll have to deal with one person and one person only.

Your Triton project manager will be by your side every step of the way, answering any questions you may have. They will also communicate your wishes to the rest of the team, who recognize the need to be able to pivot their plan based on new information.

Whatever your needs are for a kitchen – whether it’s just a simple galley to prepare food or a sprawling dining centre where you and your family can gather after a long day, Triton will give you what you need.

When you hire Triton to renovate your kitchen, you’ll get a team committed to three key things: being punctual, professional, and pristine. This means your team will:

  • Show up on time
  • Be courteous, friendly, and dedicated to providing high quality service
  • Clean up any and all mess caused by the work

And of course, Triton Kitchen renovations come with the same guarantee the rest of our services do – we’ll do the job until it’s done right.

Call Triton Plumbing + Service

Is it time to give your kitchen a fresh new look?

If so, give Triton Plumbing + Service a call.

We’ll send over a friendly, professional, punctual technician to take a look at your situation. From there, you’ll receive an honest, up front estimate for what needs to be done.

Whether you’re looking for a simple upgrade to your current plumbing fixtures or you want a full kitchen  makeover, Triton Plumbing + Service can help.

Call us today.