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How The Water In London Ontario Is Affecting Your Appliances And Plumbing

By June 27, 2018 March 4th, 2020 Blog

How the Water in London is affecting your appliances and plumbing | Triton Plumbing Service London Ontario Plumber

Many people have heard of hard water.

Not many people know what it means, though.

Even fewer people know how it affects their appliances and plumbing.

That’s what this blog is for.

We’re going to explain just what hard water is and how it affects your appliances and plumbing, as well as whether water treatment installation in London Ontario can help avoid some of the effects.

What is Hard Water?

Despite the name, hard water isn’t any harder than other water.

Hard water just refers to water that has a certain amount of dissolved minerals in it, as determined by the Canadian government.

It’s worth noting that London’s water is rated “Moderately Hard.”

How Hard Water Affects Your Appliances

The biggest problem with hard water is that the trace amounts of minerals can build up in pipes and appliances, clogging them up and rendering them unable to perform well.

Hot water heaters, for instance, use a lot more energy than heaters that use soft water.

The appliances affected the most by hard water, though, are the cleaning appliances like washing machines and dishwashers.

In addition to the minerals building up and eventually jamming some of the moving parts, hard water reduces the effectiveness of detergents.

This means you have to use more detergent to get the results you would with a soft water cleaner.

Hard water can also affect small appliances, like steam irons, coffee makers and even ice makers.

All of them work less efficiently when they have to use hard water, and the mineral buildup will shorten their lifespan just as surely as it shortens the lifespans of larger appliances.

It’s also worth noting that the minerals in hard water can build up in pipes just as effectively as they do in appliances.

This can result in reduced water flow and lower water pressure.

Water leaking affecting plumbing | Triton Plumbing Service London Ontario Plumber

How to Counteract Hard Water Effects

Since hard water can be so detrimental to appliances and plumbing, it’s only natural to want to stop it.

There is only one solution, though—replace your hard water with soft water.

A good water filter, or better yet a premium home water treatment system, should be able to remove the minerals from your water.

This will increase your appliances’ lifespans, reduce your energy costs and over time reduce the existing mineral buildup in your appliances and pipes.

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