Gas Piping Services

Ah, barbecue season. It’s one of the greatest parts of a Canadian summer.

The Americans love their barbecues too, but I think we appreciate ours just a little more because we can’t enjoy them for as long.

If you’re a connoisseur of the grill, a flame-broiled aficionado, you’ve probably spent your share of time researching online to find the best barbecue on the market.

And if you’ve decided on a gas barbecue, you’ll probably notice many of the best ones require a gas line piped right from your house.

But what happens if the gas line you have is set up in an inconvenient spot, like the front of your house, and you want to barbecue in the backyard?
Even worse, what if you don’t have an outdoor gas line set up in the first place?

Are your barbecue dreams up in smoke?

Don’t worry. Triton Plumbing + Service has you covered

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Gas Piping Installation

There are other reasons you may want a gas line in your home or commercial building as well.

For example, you may want to enjoy the benefits of a gas stovetop – many foodies swear by the difference between these and electric stoves.

You may also want to heat your house using natural gas – with escalating energy costs in Ontario, it’s significantly cheaper to use gas vs. electric heat.

Whatever the reason, though, Triton can help.

The Triton Difference

When installing a gas line, a lot can go wrong.

After all, this is more complex than laying down plumbing pipes. An improper plumbing installation can be a hassle, and it could lead to long term damage to your house, but you won’t see the results immediately.

If you happen to make a mistake while installing a gas line, though, the results can be explosive.

So if you’re looking for a gas piping installation company in London, Ontario or the surrounding area, it pays to make sure your team knows what they’re doing.

This is where Triton comes in.

There’s a reason why we’re called Triton Plumbing & Service – we’re here to serve you.

When you hire a Triton technician, you’ll get a gas line installation technician who’s dedicated to being punctual, professional, and pristine. That means your technician will:

  • Show up on time
  • Be clean, courteous, and helpful
  • Take every precaution to keep your space clean and safe
  • Clean up any mess which does occur

Each of our technicians has been thoroughly trained and certified to work on gas piping installation. You don’t take unnecessary risks with your home, and neither do we.

At the end of the day, you’ll get a gas line installation which works perfectly to suit your needs.

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Call us today and take your first step toward getting that barbecue or gas-powered appliance of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking for a new gas line to replace a broken down or inconvenient one, or your building doesn’t have one at all, Triton Plumbing + Service can help.

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