New Sump Pump Installation

If you’re in need of a new sump pump installation, Triton Plumbing + Service has you covered.

With years of experience installing new sump pumps into homes and commercial buildings in London, Ontario and the surrounding area, one of our qualified and licensed technicians will be happy to help you.

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What Is A Sump Pump?

A sump pump is, like the name suggests, a pump.

If you have a sump pump in your house or building, you’ll find it in the basement or crawlspace, at the lowest level of the house. It has a simple but important job – it keeps the area underneath your building dry.

As water flows into the sump pit, the hole in which your sump pump is installed, your sump pump will pump the water out of the pit and away from the building.

This prevents it from flooding and preserves the integrity of the foundation of your building.

So in a place like southwestern Ontario, where basements are frequently damp and the ground is frequently wet, a sump pump can make a world of difference.

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Do I Need A Sump Pump?

If you’ve recently remodeled your basement and turned it into a nice place to be (as opposed to a cave-like many peoples’ basements are!), you’ll definitely want a sump pump. This simple little device can help you preserve your investment from damage due to heavy spring rain or snow melt off.

Anyone who lives in the parts of Canada that experience seasonal changes (as in, anyone south of Yellowknife) ought to get a sump pump. And if you’re reading this, that probably means you.

Here are some other factors which should make you consider getting a new sump pump installation:

  • You’ve had flooding in your basement before
  • You’re in a flat or low-lying area
  • Your current sump pump is old (they usually last about ten years)

The Triton Difference

Sump pump installations, like any plumbing installation, can be a messy business.

If you’ve experienced plumbing nightmares before, you may be wondering whether a sump pump installation will damage your home.

Or you may be worried we’ll leave a mess behind for you to clean up.

Sadly, other plumbers operate this way, but that’s not why we started Triton.

There’s a reason why we’re called Triton Plumbing & Service – we’re here to serve you.

When you hire a Triton technician, you’ll get a plumber who’s dedicated to being punctual, professional, and pristine. That means your technician will

  • Show up on time
  • Be clean, courteous, and helpful
  • Take every precaution to keep your space clean
  • Clean up any mess which does occur

In the end, the only difference you should see is the fact that your home or commercial building’s plumbing runs more smoothly. When we install a sump pump, the goal is to make it look like we were never there at all!

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