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The 3 Biggest Basement Renovation Mistakes

By March 5, 2020 Blog

It’s been sitting empty and unfinished for years, you only venture down there to put on a load of laundry or its been the place where you send the kids to play when they are driving you nuts. Regardless of your home, the basement is usually the last place that gets finished or renovated. No matter what, a basement renovation is a complex, time-consuming and expensive project. Whether you decide to take on the work yourself or hire it out to professionals knowing how to renovate your basement correctly is extremely important. Here are some of the most detrimental, yet common, mistakes that are made during basement renovations.

Failing to Plan Properly for Plumbing Needs

We can’t stress enough how important it is to come up with a well thought out plan prior to beginning your renovation. Knowing what the main purpose of your basement is will assist you in determining how much or how little plumbing you require. Installation of a sink, toilet, tub, bar or all of the above will affect the plumbing requirements you need. For example, if you are planning to have a fridge in your basement it will require a water line. You also need to know where these items will be installed. This is a crucial point to be aware of during your planning process. If you require plumbing on a wall that is separated from your foundation walls or existing plumbing network, it will drastically increase the cost. A scenario where this might occur would be an island with a sink or a working bar.

Not Preparing for a Water Emergency

It may be unlikely to occur or may not even be something that crosses your mind but neglecting to prepare for a flood can have horrific consequences. By nature, basements are prone and susceptible to water damage including damaged drainage and flooding. It is very important to fully analyze your area prior to starting your renovation. If you can identify areas that flood or have issues during a large storm it will prove to be extremely valuable down the road. You need to plan and install proper drainage for those problem areas. Having a battery operated back up sump pump will ensure that your home will remain protected even if a power outage occurs during a storm, which is not uncommon. This is one aspect of a basement renovation where it is better to be safe rather than sorry.
When a storm hits, there is also a high possibility you could experience a water backup problem. You can prevent this by installing a backwater valve. Backwater valves help prevent rainwater and dirty sewage from filling your basement by allowing the water or sewage to flow back out of your house. Before installing a backwater valve, it is important to consult with a certified plumber to find the best place for the valve by first inspecting the drain system.

Failing to Control Moisture Levels

Even with an excellent selection of basement finishes and proper waterproofing, it may still not be enough to control the moisture levels. The moisture levels in basements tend to be higher because of their difference in temperature from above-ground areas. If that moisture level climbs above 60% mold can start to develop. It may not be visible at first, but with time you will start to smell a musty or stale scent. This can lead to cosmetic and health issues that you do not want to be faced with. Dehumidifiers can help in keeping basement moisture levels at 55% or lower. The most effective way to do this is by getting a professional to install a dehumidifier directly into your HVAC system. Our team at Triton will install and repair your air conditioner to your keep homes moisture levels at a minimum.
So, keep these commonly overlooked points in mind when you are planning how to do basement renovations. A well thought out, planned and executed basement renovation may come with a bit of a heavy price tag but trust us, its worth it. The unfortunate outcomes that result from failing to consider these common pitfalls will cost you a lot more in the long run, and we mean a lot more. Although you may be considering how to renovate a basement on a budget it is not a project for the average DIYer. Triton Plumbing can assist you in formulating and installing a comprehensive water system that suits the needs of your design, home and geographic area. Contact us today and let us help you realize your dream basement!

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