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Thinking Of Remodeling Your Bathroom?

By March 13, 2019 December 16th, 2019 Blog

Thinking Of Remodeling Your Bathroom? | Triton Plumbing Service London Ontario Plumber

It’s not uncommon for The London Free Press to print an article on house values, commenting that a kitchen or bathroom upgrade can significantly increase the valuation – and then for us to get a bunch of calls the next day for quotes on new plumbing installations in London Ontario.

They’re right: a freshly remodeled and upgraded bathroom can make a huge different to not just your home’s value, but to your enjoyment of it.

Here are the top five reasons people undertake this job, and let it be your guide as to whether or not it’s time for you to also consider it.

1. A Bathroom Remodeling Is More Cost-Effective Than A Brand-New Custom Bathroom

Remodeling involves working with the bones of your current bathroom while still ending up with what is basically a brand-new loo.

It’s a good idea to bring in an interior decorator in London Ontario, since that can make a world of a difference and help you spend your money wisely.

Having an experienced plumber as well as an interior decorator on your side is like your dream team. Your interior decorator has the vision you need to build a gorgeous bathroom, and your plumber has the practical know-how to give you what you need in the most cost-effective manner.

2. Whatever Your Ideas, You Can Include Them In Your New Bathroom

A bathroom remodel whose design is in your hands means that you can get creative when planning the colours, layout and upgrades, and you can control costs by choosing the best tile or fixtures for your budget.

Your plumber can make sure that no matter what you dream up, your bathroom’s bones can be adapted to make that dream come true.

beautiful bathroom remodeling and plumbing | Triton Plumbing Service London Ontario Plumber

3. Your Remodeled Bathroom Can Be Designed Exactly To Your Needs

Some families or homes require different accessibility, including wheelchair accessible rooms, grab bars for the elderly or disabled, motion-sensor taps for young children, or lowered sinks, for example.

In some older houses, the layouts have been changed over time, or walls moved; this occasionally results in a bathroom that is oddly shaped or inconvenient.

Doing a remodel is a good chance to correct or add these features, so your bathroom is both functional and fengshui.

Yes, it’s finally time to get rid of that ugly-coloured tub from the 1960s, or those faucets that are completely squeaky and water stained.

New fixtures may sound expensive, but there are sales that happen on these pieces, just like anything else.

If you know you’ll be remodeling sometime soon, start keeping an eye out for items that you love that also fall in your budget.

No matter what you choose, your plumber will be able to help you with the installation, so that you know that it’s done right and won’t cause problems in the future.

5. You Can Include New Accessories And Elements

There have been some fun leaps in bathroom technology – smart toilets, smart mirrors, smart sinks, and probably smart bathtubs, too.

Alternately, we see homeowners who love to have a chandelier in their bathrooms, giving it that luxe-spa feel.

One perennial favourite to the remodeling process is a heated towel rack – because who doesn’t love a toasty warm towel when you’re getting out of the shower in the morning?

Contact Triton Plumbing & Service

If you’re starting to sit down with your spouse and consider a bathroom project sometime soon, we encourage you to give us a call to go over your needs, ideas and plans.

We’ll definitely be able to answer your questions about the cost of moving fixtures or the safety of certain lights in the moist bathroom environment.

We’ve helped homeowners with so many bathroom remodels we can’t even count – so we’re confident you can count on us to get you through yours.

Call now to book an appointment and we’ll make sure your reno goes as smoothly as possible.

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